Chestnut Farms is a family owned and operated livestock farm in the rolling fields and hills of Central MA.  We raise our livestock with lots of love and fresh air along with a passion for ensuring the animals have the life that nature intended.  Our calves, piglets and ewes are left to nurse with their mothers; our chickens enjoy life outside with bugs, works and green grass while the turkeys really do trot!!  A happy life makes for a wonderful dinner – you can taste the difference! 

We value our connections with our community and are first and foremost a CSA Farm.  A Community Supported Agriculture Farm celebrates and nurtures the relationship between the farmers and the consumer.  The harvest is offered as “shares” each cycle – vegetable farms often have pickups each week – we offer our CSA pickups each month.  This has many benefits - it allows us to plan for the birth and raising of our livestock, scheduling of harvest appointments and provides a reliable income stream to pay for feed, hay, fencing, tools and equipment necessary for raising the animals.  You, the shareholder, get to know us and our farm while supporting  local and sustainable environmental practices. CSA members also enjoy the freshest, tastiest meat each month!

We offer two CSA share cycles each year: summer and winter. Each is six months long (summer is June-November; winter is December - May) with the cuts designed for the season.  A share will include more grilling cuts in the summer and more braising cuts in the winter. 

Each month shareholders receive a portion of the harvest which is a mix of beef, pork and poultry in approximately one to two pound cryo-vacuumed packages.

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