Our Story

Chestnut Farms: A Family Farm Powered by Community

Chestnut Farms is a family owned and operated livestock farm in the heart of Central MA. Owners and operators, Kim and Rich are native New Englanders and passionate land preservationists, but neither grew up on a farm. Rather, Kim purchased the farm in 1997 as a single mother full of dreams and passion but no experience. Fortunately, she met and married Rich whose extended family had a farming background. Together, with their three children and lots of hard work, they transformed an abandoned dairy farm into a sustainable, livestock farm. They are now blessed with grandchildren to teach the next generation about local, humane and sustainable livestock farming.

Chestnut Farms is committed to the care of the earth and the animals. We raise grass-fed beef, pastured pork, lamb, goat and poultry as nature intended - with fresh air and sunshine. Our farming practices are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We work hard to focus on the health of both our animals and our ecosystem. Chestnut Farms is 100% powered with renewable energy (solar) and we practice regenerative agriculture. We are working collaboratively with advisors from both the state and federal level to address the challenges of climate change. One simple example is that we use green chopping for feeding our bovines, sheep and goats throughout the spring summer and fall rather than making hay.

The mission of Chestnut Farms is Connecting Communities to Agriculture. We believe that many people no longer collect and wash eggs or shovel livestock pens and that it is important to understand how food is grown and to have the opportunity to see it up close. We work hard to communicate about what it takes to raise an animal from birth to plate. We value the decades-long connections we have with many of our CSA families. Our farming practices are animal-centered with a focus on land stewardship. Our electricity is powered by the sun and we use regenerative agricultural practices. Care for our land, our livestock and our community is at the heart of all we do.

Our CSA forms the foundation of our farm. We do not sell our products to restaurants, stores or wholesale - we do a very select few farmers markets but are extremely grateful for the support and connection of our CSA members. Through their connection we are blessed to be able to be stewards of the land and the livestock each day.

Thank you.